TRUEECO's Ambassador program is a great way to get started. This program is designed to give you access to amazing eco-friendly products and a chance to earn an additional revenue stream by receiving

20% commission on all purchases.


You can even access our wholesale page when you decide to become a stockist for exclusive prices, packages and promotional material.


The Ambassador program is FREE to join and allows you to offer your clients, friends and family with exclusive FREE GIFT & BONUS OFFERS 

How does it work?

When you become an affiliate you will receive a unique LINK and unique CODE.


You can use this link/code on all your emails and promotional material.  


Example code




This LINK/CODE will track your sales and earn you a 20% commission on all online sales which is PAID monthly. 


Here is an example of how you can use the code in marketing material


How does the commission work?

Here is the price list for the products. Our best seller are


500ml Ready2use RRP $15



500ml Concentrate RRP $30 

($6.00 commission) 


1 Litre Concentrate RRP $54

($10.80 commission) 


2.5 Litre Concentrate RRP $100 

($20.00 commission) 


5 Litres Concentrate  RRP $180 

($36.00 commission) 

Here is a little about our 


How do I get sales?

Here at TRUEECO we do not believe in the HARD SELL!! We love sharing the gift of safe cleaning by gifting a 500ml Dog and Cat Surface Cleaner/Urine Eliminator to a new customer and allowing them to experience the TRUEECO difference.


Once they try and compare our superior eco-friendly solution to products available in the marketplace it is not long until we have a new member of the TRUEECO Family.


The next step is to order the CONCENTRTATE. This will allow your new client to save money and plastic waste by refilling their FREE GIFT BOTTLE ($1.50 per refill) 


Here is a quick flow chart of the process  

Here is a flow chart of the process


We will send you a confirmation email with your unique CODE and LINK. This will allow you to track your hard work and commissions. You can also get access to our FREE GIFT OFFERS and BONUS OFFERS!!! 

Having a family of 4 with the 5th on the way I love not only the effectiveness of these products but I also love knowing the product is safe to use in our home.
The Dog & Cat cleaner comes in so handy when the little fur babies get into mischief!! Doggy mess - gone!
Highly recommend these products 👍🏻


Become a TRUEECO WARRIOR. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.


TRUEECO provides highly effective Eco-Friendly products for homes allowing for a safer way to clean.

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